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The OPplus 365 app essentially consists of two components, namely the payment import and the payment export.

Payment Import

The OPplus Payment Import module creates new possibilities for the organization of payment transactions and transparency with regard to cleared items and assigned payments. In addition, the option of automatic clearing and automatic pre-accounting is offered. In addition, with the help of the app, customer advices can be imported and accounts cleared in less time. Finally, optimized search routines accelerate the manual allocation of remaining payments.

Payment Export

The OPplus Payment Export module simplifies the handling of payment processes. It also creates more transparency between cleared items and assigned payments. You are able to create payment proposals and payment runs for cashless payments in just one step – regardless of file format and payment direction, regardless of whether they are transfers, direct debits or checks.

Note on the subscription:
The prices are not user-related, but are billed per module.