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The interactive business intelligence tool for data visualization Microsoft Power BI enables you to keep track of all important developments at all times by connecting to numerous data sources and presenting your company data with live dashboards and reports. By merging data from a wide range of sources, the inefficiency of isolated data pools in particular is resolved.

When you’re looking for specific data, Microsoft Power BI lets you ask a question in natural language and gives you visualization suggestions. In addition, you can use your existing data to make forecasts and trends to proactively determine how your business will develop. To be always up to date, Microsoft Power BI also offers the possibility to access the Business Intelligence Tool from any mobile device.

Microsoft Power BI contains the following functions:

  • Connect to hundreds of data sources
  • automatic updating of data (also from local sources)
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Collaboration via released data
  • Monitoring and control of access to and use of data
  • Package content and distribute it to users using apps

Note on the subscription:
The Microsoft Power BI Pro subscription is a paid subscription with a twelve (12) month term with monthly prepayment. If you do not cancel the Microsoft Power BI Pro subscription thirty (30) days before it expires, the subscription period is automatically extended by twelve (12) months. For more information about the subscription, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

To use the product you need an Office 365 account. Please specify your Office 365 domain when ordering, if you are already an Office 365 user. If you are not already an Office 365 user, please create a free account with Microsoft or contact us.