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With Microsoft Flow, you can easily turn routine day-to-day tasks into automated workflows so you have more time for more important things.

Microsoft Flow tariff 1

The functionality of Microsoft Flow tariff 1 is the following:

  • 500 executions per month (per user)
  • create an unlimited number of automated workflows
  • create flows from thousands of templates
  • publish Flows in Public Catalogue
  • joint ownership and execution of flows
  • maximum flow frequency of 3 minutes
  • mobile access to flows
  • connect to other Microsoft services
  • connection to cloud-based services such as WordPress and Twitter/with
  • industry services such as Salesforce and Oracle
  • unlimited connectivity with your own systems
  • access to local data via a local data gateway

Microsoft Flow tariff 2

With the enhanced Microsoft Flow Plan 2, you can also benefit from the following enhanced functionalities:

  • 15,000 executions per month (per user)
  • maximum flow frequency of 1 minute
  • Model multi-level processes

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as a data source into your automated workflows. Examples of useful flows are:

  • Send warning if product inventory is low
  • Send approval request
  • Notification upon receipt of a purchase order
  • Notification upon receipt of a sales order

Other templates that simplify your daily work include locking your calendar, receiving a push notification when you receive an email from a specific sender such as your boss, or automatically creating a task on a board of your choice when you tag an email in your inbox.

Subscription note

The Microsoft Flow subscription is paid, has a one-(1) month term with monthly upfront payment, and is for one user. If you do not cancel the Microsoft Flow subscription 3 days prior to expiration, the term will be automatically extended by one (1) month. For more information about the subscription, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

To use the product, you need an Office 365 account. If you are already an Office 365 user, please provide your Office 365 domain when ordering. If you are not yet using Office 365, please create a free Microsoft account or contact us.