anaptis StatusLights (On-Premise)


The app anaptis StatusLights, developed by anaptis, extends the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard. The status of documents is visually displayed by the extension and can be captured faster.


Simplify and automate your work. With the help of our specially developed extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – anaptis StatusLights – you work faster and more intuitive. Like a real traffic light, we distinguish three status options: red, yellow or green. If the document status is open, the traffic light is red. If there is still a permit, the traffic light turns yellow. Logically, the traffic light turns green when the document has been approved. This type of presentation reduces errors and speeds you up. In addition, the use of the tool is very intuitive.

The add-on regularly supports the latest version of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Please feel free to contact us regarding previous versions.

If you are working with Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud, we offer anaptis StatusLights for the Cloud.

Note on the product:
With the acquisition of an On-Premise license, the conclusion of an Enhancement Plan (EP) is also connected. The EP has an initial term of 12 months and costs 16% of the list sales price of the total license volume purchased annually in advance. The EP is extended and calculated with each license extension / new order. The EP can be cancelled in writing 90 days prior to expiry. After expiration by cancellation of the EP, the acquired licenses can continue to be used, but can no longer be updated, extended or changed in any way.