anaptis Dropzone (On-Premise)


With the anaptis Dropzone app developed by us, you control your file management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Improve the usability of Dynamics 365 Business Central
Dynamics 365 Business Central has a standard limitation that attachments can only be stored in a few places and with many clicks. This limitation is solved by the add-on anaptis Dropzone. With the add-on it is possible to attach files to documents (e.g. purchase orders) by drag-and-drop (dragging files to a dedicated area in the web browser). The standard functionality remains the same and is only supplemented by the app.

In the app standard, the drag-and-drop interface is initially displayed in the same places as in the Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard where file attachments can be displayed. If you would like to have this functionality in other places in the system, it is very easy to add it there.

Finally, the uploaded files can of course also be downloaded or deleted.

In summary, the application consists of three functions:

  1. File upload via drag and drop
  2. File download
  3. File deletion

Extensions for anaptis Dropzone
There are two extensions for the app anaptis Dropzone:

  1. anaptis Dropzone Azure Blob Storage: With this extension the files are not stored in the table but in the Microsoft Cloud in Azure Blob Storage.
  2. anaptis Dropzone File System Storage: With this extension the files from Dynamics 365 Business Central are not stored in the table but on-premise (in separate folders).

Note on the product:
With the purchase of an on-premise license the conclusion of an Enhancement Plan (EP) is connected at the same time. The EP has an initial term of 12 months and costs 16% of the list sales price of the total license volume purchased annually in advance. The EP is extended and charged with each license extension / new order. The EP can be terminated in writing with 90 days’ notice before expiration. After expiration by cancellation of the EP, the purchased licenses can still be used, but not updated, extended or changed in any way.