anaptis Dropzone File System Storage (On-Premise)


Using the File System Storage extension for anaptis Dropzone, files from Dynamics 365 Business Central are stored on-premise (in separate folders) rather than in the table.


Target group
The anaptis Dropzone File System Storage app is an extension of the anaptis Dropzone app. This extension is aimed at companies that do not want to store files from Dynamics 365 Business Central in a table, but locally (in separate folders). The path where the files are stored can be defined by the administration. The advantage is that the files are stored in a folder that can be accessed by users who do not have access to Dynamics 365 Business Central. It also makes it easier to archive the files.

More information about the product
On the anaptis Dropzone product page you will find detailed information about the product. If you’re not quite convinced yet, you’ll also find information there regarding a live demo as well as a trial version. In the download area you will find a fact sheet to convince other people, which you can use as a decision template, as well as detailed documentation.

Note on the subscription
The subscription is subject to a fee, has a duration of twelve (12) months with monthly advance payment and is valid for one user. If you do not cancel the subscription thirty (30) days prior to its expiration, the term will be automatically extended by twelve (12) months. For more information about the subscription, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.