anaptis Configuration (On-Premise)


With the help of our variant configurator anaptis Configuration, article variants with individual assembly parts lists can be created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV/Navision). You can also set up workflows for assembly and sales orders and duplicates are automatically recognized.


Your challenge: Small functional range in the standard
If you want to create variants using Dynamics 365 Business Central, the system standard is complicated and cumbersome. The functionality is initially limited to the fact that different variants can be created per article, but not different assembly parts lists. If you want to create different articles with individual assembly bills of material, the system standard only allows you to do this by creating a separate article. You can imagine that the list of articles becomes confusingly long as a result. In addition, the system standard does not automatically recognize duplicates. This means that companies are not very flexible when it comes to processing individual orders. Finally, specifications are difficult and time-consuming to implement.

In addition, conventional variant configurators for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offer either too large a scope of services (including management of machine allocation plans) or too small.

Our solution: anaptis Configuration With our solution for variant configuration in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and thus the app anaptis Configuration, we want to solve the problem that until now it was not possible, neither in the system standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central, nor in any other tool, to easily create several variants for an article with different assembly parts lists.

In close cooperation with our customers, it became clear that an intuitive variant configurator had to be developed, which makes specifications and individualization easier. With the help of our App anaptis Configuration you can easily build your own product variants with individual assembly parts lists. The variant configurator also recognizes duplicate variants, so that no duplicates occur and the clarity remains. In addition, you can easily manage your resources, since employees and machines can also be added as resources to the assembly parts list.

Note on the product:
With the purchase of an on-premise license the conclusion of an Enhancement Plan (EP) is connected at the same time. The EP has an initial term of 12 months and costs 16% of the list sales price of the total license volume purchased annually in advance. The EP is extended and charged with each license extension/re-order. The EP can be terminated in writing with 90 days’ notice before expiration. After expiration by cancellation of the EP, the purchased licenses can still be used, but can no longer be updated, extended or changed in any way.